Nature of the project:

Project funded by the French Research Agency (2021-2025)

Summary of the project:

Temporomandibular dysfunctions are myoarthropathies of the manducatory apparatus, responsible in most cases of chronic pain without satisfactory treatment. Lately, methods of administering active ingredients via hydrogels have attracted a lot of attention. UMET and U1008 laboratories have developed a patented hydrogel based on chitosan (CHT) and cyclodextrin polymer (PCD) for the release of active ingredients. The objective of this project is to evaluate and optimize the hydrogel to meet the specifications: viscoelastic properties; release of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) over 3 weeks; therapeutic efficacy in vivo. The base of the hydrogel will be maintained by adding hyaluronic acid. A rheological screening will be carried out to find the ideal formation. Naproxen release studies and in vivo studies with winstar rats will be performed.

For more information:


U 1008 - ADDS - Systèmes avancés de délivrance de principes actifs - Advanced Drug Delivery Systems (Maria-Jose GARCIA FERNANDEZ)

Duration of the project

3.5 years